Dansk Sommelier Education (DSU) is a wine and beverage school based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We offer various classes and services related to wine and the beverage trade. Classes and courses are primarily held in Danish. Contact us directly regarding possible language adjustments.

If you wish to be signed up to our waiting list for wine courses in English, please contact us at: info@dansksommelieruddannelse.dk

Our most popular classes:

Introduction to Wine

This entry level course is perfect for anyone who has a passion for wine. A connection to the hotel- and restaurant business is not required. You will, over the course of 4 days, learn the basics about the world´s most important wine countries, be introduced to how to pair food and wine as well as hands-on experiences like wine tasting, decanting etc.

This course can be organized in English, depending on demand. Please contact us if you are interested in this.

For more information - contact us

One-Year Sommelier Course

Becoming a sommelier requires an insatiable interest for wine, dedication and ultimately a lot of hard work. Worth it? Yes, because the sommelier title will open doors to new and exciting roles within the hotel- and restaurant business. And not only that, you will suddenly qualify for manager positions, be a decision-maker in your organization and be one of the few who holds this title and knowledge within the industry.

The classes are divided into spring- and fall semester and starts every January. Over the course of 38 Mondays, you will learn how to navigate professional and confident through the world of wine.

The classes cover:

  • Introduction and in-depth descriptions of the most important wine countries in the world
  • Description of smaller/new wine countries i.e. England, Denmark and Croatia
  • Wine and beer tasting techniques
  • Practical subjects - opening, decanting, glass selection, storage etc.
  • Sommelier and guest psychology
  • How to pair food and wine
  • Beer, spirits, dessert wines and other beverages

Wine tasting is an important part of the course and are organized throughout the lectures.

Exams will be held in November - one day written exam followed by one day practical exam.

Our lecturers:

Our lecturers are selected based on their merits, teaching skills and ability to convey their knowledge and enthusiasm for a certain field. Different lecturers will teach the various classes based on their specific field of knowledge.

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Where to study:

Introduction to Wine and the One-Year Sommelier Course are available in various cities in Norway and Denmark. You can study in:


  • Oslo
  • Bergen
  • Trondheim
  • Stavanger (only Introduction to Wine)


  • Copenhagen
  • Aarhus

About us

Dansk Sommelier Education (DSU) was established in 2016 by Julie Brink Færch and Ken Canaiolo Engebretsen. It’s the Danish sister school to Norsk Sommelier Education. DSU enjoys a leading position within wine and beverage education in Denmark.

Julie has an extensive background as a sommelier and waiter from Michelin star restaurants, and a holds a bachelor’s degree in teaching. Today, she is the daily manager of DSU, as well as the Service and Beverage Director at Restaurant Pomle Nakke. She furthermore conducts wine-tasting sessions for companies and privates.


If you would like to contact us, pleasesend us an e-mail to info@dansksommelieruddannelse.dk

DSU Dansk Sommelier Uddannelse Aps
Att: Julie Brink Færch
Skt Hans Gade 6, 1tv
2200 København N

Please be adviced, this is only our administration address. Classes and courses will take place at different venues.